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Posting starts tomorrow!

Sorry for the delay once again, guys. >> I'm in the process of reviewing submissions now. We have still only received six, so any of you who have not submitted, you are now docking points for your team. If you need to drop out, please let us know. We definitely understand that real life happens! (It certainly has for us.) I should have everyone reviewed tonight and so posting will begin tomorrow.

I'm also going to be making banners for all of you who participated in the fest, which will be posted once all prompts are up and revealed!

Thanks for sticking with us, everyone. :) And Happy Halloween!!

Edit: Just a notice that as we have so few submissions, postings will be made every other day to draw things out a bit.
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Fest Submissions!

All right guys, here's what's going on:

We've received four of your lovely submissions for the fest. That still leaves eight of you who are unaccounted for! Now, since RL has definitely been getting in the way for us as mods (Ashley has been working two jobs, Lindsay is looking for a new job + has had laptop crises), we will not start docking points for late submissions until this Saturday, October 22, one week after the original deadline. After that, any late entries will mean you're costing your team points! (0.5 a day.)

We will gradually be looking over submissions until posting begins and, in the case of fanfiction, editing where it's needed. We will send you back your submission with our corrections for your approval before we post them. :)

Because we pushed the deadline back and also ended up extending one of the flash rounds, posting will not begin on October 24, as originally scheduled. Instead, it will begin a week later, on Halloween! Authors and artists will remain anonymous until posting is finished and everyone has voted. After that, winners and identities will be revealed!

We would like to apologize for the miscommunication problems we've had throughout this fest and for the lateness of a lot of things. Neither one of us foresaw all of these issues when we initially set this up! Thanks for sticking it out with us this long. &hearts
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(no subject)

CLEARLY the mods have not been talking to each other xD So please forgive me, everything is due the 15th! That's Saturday, kittens. :3 But as far as I know, I have most everyone's submissions! So to get a final (I WONT ASK AGAIN HAHA XD) tally...

Reply with "Fish fingers and custard" if you are done, and "Carrots? Are you insane?" if you have yet to turn anything any :D (I am a needy individual sorry, haha)

Thanks again to everyone for being so patient! Love ya all!
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Okay going off of the information I have gotten so far, I see that not everyone is ready. Those who are and have not sent their entries in, (that's at elevenpondmods [at] gmail [dot] com) Go on and do so. I have received two since I last checked like... A few moments ago.

With that being said, I am going to set the deadline to... OCTOBER 14! That should be enough time, yes? Posting will begin the following Monday, (or Saturday. depending if I have to work in the morning. >>) They started closing the park at 11 this weekend, so I will have to see.

Anywho! If there are any more questions, extensions other than what I know about, yell out! And I just want to thank everyone for their patience! Love you all!
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Mods? Posting? MADNESS!

SO! Where the heck have we been! D: I for one would like to apologize for our lack of poking around here and everything. I'm working two jobs and have a commission to fill for a costume by the end of the month. So I am very sorry for that.

Considering that things have been so hectic on my end, I would like to know where everyone is on their work? Is everyone ready to submit their work? Do you need to drop or an extension? Please please let us know! Depending on the answers we get will determine how it works out. But, please do send us some type of response.

Other than that I will go ahead and formally close flash round three! Only one entry! ;n; You guyyys! Anywho, don't give up on us yet, we are sill here and want to see what everyone worked so hard on! We love you all!
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Flash Round 3 extension

Hey guys, since we have not had ANY submissions for the third flash round, we are extending it until the 29th of September. We understand that people get busy (myself included)! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you're having any problems or if you have questions. And we can't wait to read all of your lovely submissions!


-Your mods
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Flash Round 3!

All right loves, it's the third and final flash round! Sorry we are behind, it's been busy!

Remember, participation means points, and I SWEAR I will post totals soon! (Lazy bum, I am and I am only getting busier! ><) So without any further ado, the prompt under the cut!

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Let's Kill Hitler!

Have you seen it yet? The exciting new episode of Doctor Who?

We have.

And we want to know what you thought! What did you think? What were some of your reactions, or favourite moments! Tell us!

NOTE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THESE COMMENTS!!! So if you wish to remain spoiler free, do NOT read these comments! You have been fairly warned, loves!
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Flash Round 2!

All right, lovies, it's time for round 2!

As a heads up, fanfiction is a 200 word minimum, but you can do as much as you want! For artists, sketches, full art, fan vids (none, but I would like to see at least a solid 1:30), icons (minimum 5-10), Fanmix (5 tracks, with a cover would be lovely)

Hope that all makes sense! There are no winners in this really, just for fun and to have a good time. Remember, submitting something that goes with the prompt counts as an entry and earns your team points!! (I know I keep mentioning them >>)

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As a reminder, there is a major hurricane headed our way. Our city is under a voluntary evacuation for low lying areas, and we are likely to lose power for 7-10 days. It will just depend on damage. (We both live in the same city, so it's affecting us both, haha)

Please I ask you keep us, and all of the other people in the storms path in your thoughts and lets hope for the best! And we hope to be back soon!