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First week of posting

Hello all! Our first week of posting is complete. I won't be posting entries on the weekend (again, to try and make this last), but I thought I'd ask for your opinion on submissions so far! I was thinking that if I ever attempted this fest again (and if I do, it won't be for QUITE awhile) then I would go about things differently. Looking back on the fest so far, is there anything that you all would change about how things were handled? Other than the obvious communication problems between mods and our slowness at times? I really can't apologize enough for that. Neither one of us anticipated to get so busy.

Anyway, we have five submissions left to go, so posting will run into the start of the week after next. After that, voting begins! It's going to be done poll style, so it will be completely anonymous! And no voting for your own submission, of course! Following that, banners will be posted for the winners. I'm also making participation banners for all of you who decided to stick it through this long. :) You all are awesome!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! And take this gif of Matt and Karen being silly:

- perilousgard


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